A Stylish Apple Watch Alternative for Teens

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If you have a teen who wants a smartwatch, you don't have to splurge on an Apple Watch. Of course, if that's what works for your family, then great. But if you prefer something a little less expensive, but still efficient and stylish, there's a great option you should check out.


The iTouch Sport Smartwatch is currently on sale for $60 (down from $95), but looks like a much more expensive watch.

The watch is waterproof and is loaded with a whole bunch of features, including messaging, alarms, sleep tracker, pedometer, GPS, weather, find device, a camera remote, and a music remote. Plus, you can set a custom photo as the display, which is super fun.


Choose from tons of sleek strap and case colors.

The watch is great for teens, but it's just as perfect for grown ups. Buy the iTouch Sport here for $60.