How to Install or Uninstall the Software Manager

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Software Manager is a utility program from Flexera, a major source of application installers that work on Microsoft Windows. Many program installers contain automatic update checking for a program so that on a regular basis the program connects to the company online to see if updates are available. However, users often choose to disable this option. For applications that do not give users the option of disabling checking for automatic updates, Software Manager can accomplish this task.


Step 1

Check to see if the Software Manager utility is already installed on your computer by looking in the Start menu. If you see a listing called "Software Updates" or "Program Updates," Software Manager is installed.

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Step 2

Download Software Manager to your desktop. (See Resources 1)


Step 3

Install the utility by double-clicking on the "exe" file. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

Step 4

Download the Software Manager Uninstall to your desktop. (See Resources 2)


Step 5

Uninstall the Software Manager by double-clicking on the "exe" file and following the onscreen prompts.

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