What Is Google Installer?

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Google software programs, many of which are available for free download, can open up a new world of computer functionality for users. However, many of these programs come with additional add-ons that a user can find cumbersome. One such program is the Google installer, known as Google Updater. This program ensures that different pieces of Google software installed on your computer stay up-to-date.



GoogleUpdater.exe is the file name of the update software available from Google. The Google installer communicates with the main Google servers and automatically downloads updated versions of Google software, such as Google Earth or Google Chrome. GoogleUpdater.exe can also be used to browse through newly developed applications available from Google and download them to your computer.


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Why It Appears

The Google installer program is downloaded to your computer whenever you install a Google software product to your computer. It may also come pre-installed on your computer if you purchase a new computer utilizing any Google software. After Google Updater has been installed on your computer, it will be used to process the download and installation of any further Google software that you add to your computer; duplicate software copies of the installer do not need to be installed.


Using the Updater

Maximize the Google installer by double-clicking the Google Updater icon found on your desktop or in your computer's taskbar. Click the option titled "Explore Google Products." This will bring up a list of Google applications that you can download and install on your computer; clicking one of them will begin the download process. You do not need to use Google Updater to manually install any software updates unless you have disabled automatic updates from the "Preferences" menu.


How to Remove

To uninstall the Google installer, you first need to remove all Google programs that the updater works with. This can be done directly from the Google Updater program by highlighting each Google software program found in the section titled "My Software List" and then clicking the Uninstall button. Once every other piece of Google software has been removed, highlight Google Updater in "My Software List" and click Uninstall to remove it from your computer.