YouTubers Are Getting Paid Millions to Eat on Camera

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People who love ASMR videos on YouTube really love ASMR videos. In fact, they love them so much, they're earning the stars of the videos millions of dollars each month.


The team at plant-based gum company reported the monthly income of ASMR YouTube stars, and holy moly they make a lot of money to eat food on camera.


Some of the stars don't speak at all, while others whisper in that ASMR sort of way. But they all have insanely good speakers to capture the (somewhat disgusting) sounds of the food and their chewing.


Here are the top five performers and their monthly earnings:

Zach Choi - $1,253,148

Naomi MacRae - $780,000

Ssoyoung - $755,646

Eat with Boki - $675,491

SAS-ASMR - $668,143.50



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