Uber Has a New Translation Tool With Over 100 Languages

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Uber has launched a new translation tool designed to help you communicate with your driver when traveling abroad. If your driver speaks a different language, the Google Translate API will translate messages in the preferred language for both you and your driver.


The new feature will also come in handy when you hail an Uber in your home town and the driver has her app set to a language that isn't English. If the driver messages you that she's "one minute away" in Japanese, that probably won't help you much.

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The translation tool offers more than 100 languages. When you're writing a message to your driver, you can choose from pre-generated messages in the in-app messaging section, or you can write your own message with instructions on how to find your location, etc.


In-app translations are rolling out to all riders around the world "in the coming days," according to Uber.