A Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Doesn't Get Stuck

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Robot vacuum cleaners are great. They clean your floors so you don't have to. While most of them do their job well, many of them tend to get stuck under furniture or cabinets, which is a pretty annoying feature most companies don't admit to being a problem.


That problem has been solved by dser, a company that creates "future-proof smart home devices and appliances to enhance people's lives"—at least for the most part.

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I tested out the RoboGeek 23T in my home, and I was very happy with the results—aka not having to rescue the thing from under my couch. I did have to pull it out from under a glider rocking chair, but I blame the chair for having the exact wrong amount of space underneath.

The vacuum's sensor stops it from running into walls, furniture, and babies (as it turns out). It won't fall down stairs (it might, however, get stuck at the top of the stairs, but it least it won't take a tumble), and it cleans both carpet and bare floors.


The RoboGeek is slim at only 2.83-inches tall, and it has a 2200Pa suction, allowing it to pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair in a single pass. It has WiFi connectivity, so you can control it remotely from your smartphone. Plus, it's Alexa and Google-enabled, so you can start or stop it from the comfort of your couch. (It comes with a remote control for that too.)

The only downside that I noticed is that it leaves weird vacuum lines on the carpet (you know the ones), but they go away pretty quickly, so it's not a deal-breaker.

The original price of the vacuum is $260, but Amazon currently has it listed for $50 off. Click here to purchase.