Parents: Here's a Thermometer That Actually Works

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Cold and flu season is approaching, and COVID-19 season isn't just a season. So, it's probably time to make sure you have a thermometer in the house. But not just any thermometer—one that actually works.


Let me start by saying I'm not a hypochondriac, but I do own five or six thermometers. I'm not a thermometer collector, I just haven't found one that's consistently accurate. Every time one of my kids is sick, their fever can range from 99.5 to 104 degrees within seconds, depending on the thermometer I use. That's a drastic difference, and it's pretty scary not to have an accurate reading.

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LPOW's Fast Reading Non-Contact Forehead Digital Thermometer is an infrared sensor that provides a consistent temperature reading every time. Seriously, its accuracy is impressive, considering most other thermometers are all over the place.


If you have a kid who won't sit still for a normal thermometer, no-contact is absolutely the way to go. Just press the button and aim it within two inches of the forehead and the temperature pops up in less than a second.

The thermometer works in two modes: body and surface. Body mode, of course, is best for taking the temperature on a forehead. Surface mode is useful for testing the temperature of things like food, a bottle, and bath water, and it can also accurately tell you the temperature in the room.


The company recommends taking a base temperature for each person in your family so you know what their normal forehead temperature is, which can be a little lower than internal temperature.

You can buy the thermometer here for $30.