Google Photos Has a New AI-Powered Editor

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At its annual hardware event, Google announced two new Pixel phones, along with a bunch of new hardware. The company also introduced a smarter, AI-powered editor in the Google Photos app on Android devices.


Google Photos already offers editing suggestions like brightening, rotating, and archiving a photo while you're viewing it, but now there's a new tab that uses machine learning to suggest edits and adjustments to help make your photos look their best, which you can apply by a simple tap.

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New smart editing features include brightness, contrast, portrait effects, enhance, and color pop, and in the coming months, Google says more suggestions will be added to help your portraits, landscapes, sunsets, and more stand out. To review the changes that were made, many suggestions will show the specific edits, allowing you to customize further.


Another new feature for Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 is Portrait Light, which uses machine learning to enhance the lighting on faces in portraits. You can adjust the lighting post-capture, and you can even add Portrait Light to photos not captured in Portrait mode.

The new features are rolling out now.