Amazon Sells No-Spill Bubbles Despite Your Toddler's Best Efforts

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Amazon sells bubbles that don't spill, and they're the best thing to ever happen to parenting. Kids love bubbles — like, more than makes sense. They love blowing them, they love chasing after them, they love popping them, and they especially love spilling them. Needless to say, as a parent, the bubble struggle is real.

Enter Fubbles. Fubbles are no-spill bubbles that actually won't spill if turned upside down or dropped. They're basically magic, and an absolute essential item for summertime with a baby, toddler, or big kid who's just really clumsy.

Fubbles come with their own brand of bubbles, which you pour into the plastic Fubbles tumbler and screw the lid on. Even when the bubble wand is pulled out and the tumbler is turned over, the bubbles won't spill. When the bubbles are gone, you can refill with any brand of bubbles. You won't have to refill anywhere near the amount of times you have to with regular bubbles.

If you're as impressed by these miracle bubbles as we are, you probably want them immediately. Well, good news. You can buy them on Amazon Prime and have them in two days. They just might be the most important purchase you've ever made.

You can get a pack of three mini tumblers that hold 2 oz of bubbles for $19.28. The regular tumbler holds 4 oz of bubbles and is $8.85 for one.