Instagram Now Lets You Pin Three Posts or Reels to Your Profile

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Instagram has a new update that lets you pin up to three of your posts or reels to your profile. Just as pinned posts on TikTok and Twitter appear at the top of the grid, the same will happen on your Instagram grid.


The company says the new feature is intended to give creators more flexibility to express themselves on their profiles by highlighting what they feel to be their best content or an older post or reel they want to bring to light again.

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Users currently have the ability to pin stories to their profile, but the new feature takes things even further.


To use the new feature, find one of your posts or reels and tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. Then tap Pin to your profile. The pin will appear at the top-left corner of your grid with a white pin icon. Any subsequent post or reel that you add will push the original one to the right. The feature is available now.