Wordle Will Soon Become a Multiplayer Board Game

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If you haven't given up on playing Wordle yet, you'll be happy to hear that ​The New York Times​, which purchased the web-based game earlier this year, has teamed up with Hasbro to create a physical board game called ​Wordle: The Party Game​.


Wordle became the hottest game of the internet last year when everyone was playing the single-player, daily word game and then posting their results on social media on social media. Every. Single. Day. It's not really clear what started the obsession, but if you've ever played, you know the craze is real.


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The web-based word game will soon become a multiplayer board game. One player comes up with a five-letter word that the rest of the players have to guess first, which is done on individual dry-erase boards that are blocked from view from other players. After the players have made their guesses, the player who thought of the word will slide translucent green and yellow tiles over the letters that are correct on each board.

Wordle: The Party Game​ will arrive in October. You can preorder the game now for $19.99 on Amazon and Target.