Amazon's Best 2022 Back to School Supplies Under $10

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As summer comes to a close, the back to school supply lists are inevitable. Whether your child is going into kindergarten, high school, or somewhere in between, there's always a need for school supplies.


Amazon makes back to school shopping easy — you don't even need to leave your house. Finding the supplies your kiddo needs on Amazon is way better than fighting the crowds at Target, Walmart, or any other retailer.

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We rounded up Amazon's best school supplies under $10 to make back to school shopping a little easier. Scroll on to see the list.

1. Elmer's 4-Pack Glue Sticks

$1.87 at Amazon

Between your kid losing their glue sticks and the glue stick simply running out of glue, it's never a bad idea to have four of them around the house. This bundle of disappearing purple glue comes with two 2-packs.


2. Bic 24-Pack Mechanical Pencils

$3.94 at Amazon


This 24-pack of extra strong mechanical pencils should get your kid through the entire year of school. Keyword "should."


3. Gloppie Pencil Bag

$6.99 at Amazon


It might look small, but this pencil bag can hold up to 30 pens, along with other school supplies like scissors, pencils, and erasers. It has a zippered closure and can hook onto a binder. There are several colors to choose from.

4. Oxford 25-Pack Folders

$9.98 at Amazon



If you have more than one middle school or high school student, this large pack of folders will come in handy. Each folder has two pockets and can hold up to 50 sheets of paper in each pocket. They come in assorted colors and are made from partially recycled materials.

5. Crayola 24-Pack Crayons

$5.59 at Amazon


Every elementary student needs crayons. You can't go wrong with this 24-pack of Crayola crayons, unless of course your child's teacher prefers a larger box.

6. Sopito Paper Clips

$9.99 at Amazon



This 300-pack is full of various sizes of paper clips, binder clips, and rubber bands. It has all the clips one could possibly need.

7. Westcott 2-Pack Scissors

$1.99 at Amazon


You get two scissors for the price of one with this pack. The scissors can be used by a lefty or a righty. There's the option for blunt or pointed scissors.

8. Deli Stapler

$6.99 - $9.99 at Amazon



You get the whole package with this stapler, as it comes with 640 staples and can staple up to 25 sheets at a time. The stapler comes in two design options in three colors.

9. Crayola Erasable Highlighters

$6.49 at Amazon

These six highlighters can be used to highlight or underline, and they're erasable, so if a mistake is made, it's fixable.

10. iBayam Fine Point Pens

$8.99 at Amazon

There are 18 vibrant colored fine point pens in this pack, ideal for sketching, coloring, or note taking. The ink is water-based with very little bleed through.



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