Google Adds a Tag for Users to Easily Find Asian-Owned Businesses

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Google is making it easier for users to support Asian-owned business. In an effort to increase allyship for marginalized communities, Google has been adding business attributes over the past several years for women-led businesses, veteran-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, Latino-owned businesses, LGBTQ+ owned, and now Asian-owned businesses.


Businesses can now add the Asian-owned attribute to their business profile, giving users the opportunity to find them through a Google search and via Google Maps. Business owners that already have a verified business listing with Google can opt in to add the label. They can also opt out any time.


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"As we were building this feature, we worked with hundreds of Asian-owned businesses to ensure the attribute celebrates our diverse and unique cultures," Leanne Luce, Google's Search Product Manager wrote in a blog post. "During that process, I was particularly struck by what Dennys Han, owner of East West Shop, shared with us about the power of community: 'If someone is trying to accomplish something, the entire local Korean community will band together to help it come together. The idea of the community and group as a whole uplifting each other is fundamental to what we do.'

The new attribute is available to use now.