8 Ways to Have Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered Directly to Your Door


Well here's some news that's probably surprising to no one: Thanksgiving can be stressful. Shocking, right? While Thanksgiving is a paid vacation for many people throughout the United States, that doesn't automatically make it a relaxing, rejuvenating time.

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Not only are many of us surrounded by our entire families and a year's worth of their drama-filled stories, but we also have to grocery shop and cook for them. And not just any food—very specific food. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, yams, pumpkin pie, and at least 600 more dessert options.

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be so stressful

If there's one thing to be thankful for this year, it's definitely the internet. Because thanks to the internet, we have a plethora of food delivery apps that will bring Thanksgiving dinner directly to our doors! It's a beautiful and very convenient thing.

To make life easier, we've rounded up all the apps that promise to deliver a delicious Thanksgiving dinner that you can pretend you shopped for and cooked yourself.

8. Postmates


Postmates, which you can get to on the web or as a mobile app for iOS or Android, offers two options.

Option 1: Click on the "Friendsgiving" tab and browse every kind of Thanksgiving recipe. It lists the ingredients, which you can order through the app. Of course, you'll be doing the cooking, but at least you won't need to go to the store.

Option 2: Choose from their selection of ready-made items to contribute to the feast without putting in too much effort.

7. Munchery


During the week of Thanksgiving, food delivery service Munchery will bring freshly cooked holiday food to your door. Whether you're eating alone, with a few other people or with your entire extended family and all of their extended families, Munchery offers a full Thanksgiving dinner in whatever size you need.

6. Instacart


Choose the recipes you're interested in with Instacart, and a shopping list will automatically be generated for you. You can purchase the list in full, or pick and choose whatever ingredients you need. They won't do the actual cooking for you, but they'll definitely save you time and a whole lot of stress. Oh and your first order comes with free delivery! Check it out on the web, or for iPhone or Android.

5. Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now

The members-only rush delivery service will be open for your last minute Thanksgiving Day needs. If you forget marshmallows for the yams or crispy onions for the green bean casserole (which are obviously essential ingredients), Amazon Prime Now will deliver to you in one-hour for a $7.99 delivery fee, or if you have a li9ttle more tiume before the cream needs to go into the mixing bowl, two-hour delivery is free with Prime membership.

Prime Now isn't available everywhere, but you can find out if it's in your area by plugging in your zip code on the site.

4. Minibar


When communication between Thanksgiving dinner guests fails and you end up with 18 pies and no alcohol... don't worry. Thanksgiving isn't ruined. Minibar has partnered with local liquor stores to bring you all the alcohol you forgot to buy at the store within 30 to 60 minutes. Use the web site or try the iOS and Android app versions.

3. Grubhub


Most local restaurants that offer Thanksgiving meals can be ordered and delivered through Grubhub (on the web, or via iOS or Android). So not only will you not need to cook a Thanksgiving meal, you won't even need to leave your house to pick it up.

2. DoorDash


Similar to Grubhub, you can place a Thanksgiving meal order from any participating local restaurant, and DoorDash will deliver it directly to your door within minutes. Of course, there are both iOS and Android versions.

1. Eat24


You can never have too many restaurant delivery options. Owned by Yelp, Eat24 will pick up food for you from over 35,000 restaurants. All of those probably won't be local, but we imagine you'll have plenty of Thanksgiving feasts to choose from. There are many versions to choose from, including iOS, Android, iPad, and Kindle.

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