Acer Vs. HP Laptops

By Richard Kalinowski

Acer and HP laptops are both affordable, high-quality options for consumers. However, each laptop has its own distinct set of pros and cons. When comparing HP and Acer laptops and making a final purchasing decision, it’s important to keep several key features in mind.


The cheapest Acer laptops are usually a little less expensive than the lowest-priced HP notebooks. However, keep in mind that HP also manufactures Compaq notebooks, offering cheaper options under the Compaq brand name.


Hewlett Packard offers more RAM than Acer in even its low-cost Compaq brand machines. Starting RAM for Compaq and HP machines is about 4 GB. Acer, on the other hand, usually starts at 2 or 3 GB.

Hard Drive Space

With lower RAM, Acer laptops run slower than HPs, but they make up for sluggish speed with a bigger hard drive. Acer laptops usually have at least 100 GB more space than competing HP models.


If portability is important to you, then Acer is probably the best bet. According to Tech World News, Acer chairperson J. T. Wang considers ultra-thin laptops a staple of Acer’s product line.

Pre-Installed Software

HP computers usually have more stock software, including several help programs and game demos. While this stock software helps novice users, the help prompts can actually burden an experienced user who doesn’t need assistance.

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