Basic Computer Knowledge Questions

By Ariel Phillips

Basic computer knowledge questions are questions relating to the standard uses of computers. These questions, which tend to deal with simple tasks and functions of a computer, reveal a lot about a person's familiarity, or fluency, with a computer. As these questions are not intuitive by nature, a person with no computer experience won't be able to simply fudge their answers. Whether preparing for a basic computer knowledge test or interview yourself or creating questions to use in a test or interview you are giving, here are some sample questions to get you started.

Which One Is Not An Output Device?

A) PrinterB) MonitorC) KeyboardD) ModemThe answer is C.

All Computers Must Have:

A) Word processing softwareB) An operating systemC) A printer attachedD) A virus checking programThe answer is B.


The number system that only uses two digits, 0 and 1, is called the ____________ number system.The answer is "binary."

Using A Mouse

What would you do to highlight a word? You position the cursor nextto the word, and then:A) Drag mouse while holding button downB) Click mouse onceC) Roll mouse aroundD) Roll and then click mouse The answer is A.


What is the font?A) The shape of the letters and characters in your documentB) A type of paper with tear-off edges used with computersC) The speed at which your printer transmits lettersD) The brightness setting on your screenThe answer is A.


The term _______ refers to the computer's physical components, such as the monitor, keyboard, memory chips, and hard drive. A) firmwareB) outputC) hardwareD) softwareThe answer is C.


_________________ is a program used to create documents such as letters, essays, and resumes.The answer is "word processor." However, Microsoft Word or other word processing programs are also acceptable answers.