Can a Person Print Off All of Their Friends on Facebook?

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You can print a list of all of your Facebook friends.

You are probably not the first person to wonder if there is any easy way to print all of your contacts on Facebook. Facebook is designed to be viewed online, so there is no print-friendly link for pages, like one you might find at a news service website. You can, however, view a list of all of your friends, then print that list in a few different ways.

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Accessing List of All Friends

Before printing, the first step you need to take is viewing all of your friends in one place. Click the "Account" tab at the top of the page after you log in to Facebook. Select "Edit Friends," and click "All Friends" on the pull-down menu. Facebook will list your friends in alphabetical order. You can only view sixty friends at a time, so click the arrow keys to navigate and view additional friends.

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Copying and Pasting to Another Program

Once you have accessed you friends list, one way to print it is to copy and paste from Facebook into another program, like a word processor. Click your mouse above the first friend on the top of the page and drag down until all of the friends on the page are selected. Press "CTRL C" on your keyboard to copy the list. Move to the word processor. Then press "CTRL V" on your keyboard to paste the list. Repeat for additional friends beyond the first 60. Once you have all of your friends in the word processor, you can edit the appearance so that it looks better for printing.

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Printing From Your Browser

A fast way to print your friends list is to print directly from your browser. Right-click on the Web page you want to print, and select "Print," or select this option from a menu, depending on what browser you use. Your printer will print the page as it appears. Note that the layout may not be ideal, as Facebook pages are not designed for printing.

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Exporting to Another Program

Depending on what software you have on your computer, you may be able to export your list of friends directly from your Web browser to another program. Right-click in your browser window on the page you want to print, and see what options you have for export. If you have a PDF writing program like Adobe Acrobat, you could convert the page to a PDF document, then print it. Another way to export a Web page to a PDF writer is to select the "Print" option in your browser, and choose "PDF" when you select the printer. The benefit of exporting the page to a PDF writer or other program is that you have more print layout options.