How to Print Internet History

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Thinking about tracking down which websites you are browsing through on your computer and getting a list of all pages visited for filing purposes? There's an easy way to accomplish this task without downloading any third party applications, using both Internet Explorer and Firefox, by using the built-in tools installed on your system. These steps will work on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Step 1

Launch the Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows Logo key and "e" simultaneously.

Step 2

Start the Internet history search by clicking CTRL + H. The left pane of Windows Explorer will then show all the days when there were browsing activities on your Internet Explorer. Select any day to check the websites that you have visited.

Step 3

Click on a date to expand and see all the URLs inside.

Step 4

Make a screen capture of the list of URLs. Press CTRL + ALT + PRINT SCREEN on your keyboard to save a screenshot of the active window on the clipboard.

Step 5

Open WordPad or another word-processing program. Once the application is open, press CTRL + V. This will paste the screenshot of the Internet history onto your WordPad document.

Step 6

Print the WordPad document by going to "File" and then selecting "Print." You now have a printout of your Internet history.

Step 1

Launch the Firefox browser.

Step 2

Launch the Library window on Firefox by clicking "History" then "Show All History." Select a day you would like to record from the window's right pane and click on it to expand the list of URLs.

Step 3

Take a screen capture of the list of URLs by pressing CTRL + ALT + PRINT SCREEN. This command makes a screenshot of the active window on the clipboard. Continue with Steps 5 and 6, above, to print your history.


Check first to see whether Internet Explorer is keeping the Internet history by launching IE and clicking CTRL + H. If the visited URLs are listed, then IE is keeping a record of the Internet history. The same shortcut key works for Firefox to show the record of Internet history in the sidebar.

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