How to Take a Screenshot on Microsoft Word

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Use your computer's Print Screen key to take a screenshot of a Word document.

Microsoft Word, a word processing application for Windows systems, lets you create a variety of documents as well as insert graphical and spreadsheet elements into these documents. The program also lets you take a screenshot of its current screen and use this copy in another Word document. A screenshot includes all the elements currently on the screen, including the Word toolbar and any items present in the document. Screenshots are also editable directly within Word as well as in graphic manipulation programs.


Step 1

Click the Microsoft Word icon on your computer's "Desktop" or click "Start," "All Programs" and "Microsoft Word" to open the application, if it is not already open.

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Step 2

Click the Microsoft Office button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen then "Open" to open the Microsoft Word document you want to take a screenshot of. Double-click the document's filename to open it.


Step 3

Press and hold the "ALT" key then press the "PrintScrn" or "PRTSC" key on your computer's keyboard. The "PrintScrn" or "PRTSC" key is on the right side of your keyboard. Release the "ALT" key. A screenshot of the active Word window is now on your system's Clipboard.


Step 4

Click the Microsoft Office button then "Open" to open the Microsoft Word document you want to paste the screenshot into. Double-click the document's filename to open the file.


Step 5

Navigate to the page or location within the document where you want to insert the screenshot. Click "Insert," "Illustrations" then "Screenshot." Click on the screenshot image to insert it into your Word document unedited then skip Steps 6 and 7. To edit the screenshot before inserting it, proceed to Steps 6 and 7.


Step 6

Click "Screen Clipping" to crop the screenshot, and remove toolbars and other areas you don't want. Your mouse's pointer will become a cross. Press and hold the left mouse button to select the area of the screen shot you want to keep.

Step 7

Release the mouse button to accept the screenshot. Click the screenshot again to insert it into your Word document.

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