How to Convert a PDF to a Word JPG

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A PDF cannot be directly converted to a Word JPG. However, a PDF can be converted to a JPG using Microsoft Paint. Once the JPG is created, it can then be inserted into a Word document just as any other JPG file.


Step 1

Open your PDF file and open Microsoft Paint.

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Step 2

Create a screen shot of the PDF file by holding down the "alt" key and pressing the "print screen" key.

Step 3

Place the mouse pointer on the drawing box of MS Paint. Click the right mouse button, and select "Paste."


Step 4

Select "Save As" under the "File" menu of MS Paint.

Step 5

Type the name that you wish to give to the JPG in the "File Name" box of the "Save As" screen. Make sure that the "Save as Type" box specifies "JPEG." Click "Save."



Step 6

Close MS Paint and open your Word document. Position the cursor at the point in the document where you want the JPG to appear.

Step 7

Click "Insert" on Word's menu bar, highlight "Picture" and select "From file."


Step 8

Navigate to the location of the JPG file using the "Insert Picture" screen. Highlight the JPG file and click "Insert." The JPG is now part of your Word document.


Pressing the “alt” key while pressing the “print screen” key creates a screen shot of the active window only. If you want a screen shot of your entire desktop, press the “print screen” key without the “alt” key.

On some computers, particularly laptops, it may be necessary to press the “secondary function” key (Fn) with the “print screen” key.

After you insert the JPG into your Word document, you can crop (i.e. edit) the picture to remove the portions of the picture that show the PDF reader interface.



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