Can I Use Lysol Wipes on My Laptop?

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Dust and fingerprints are among the most likely candidates to make your laptop or screen dirty, which is possibly harmful to your computer and may interfere with keyboard functionality or your ability to see the screen clearly. Cleaning your computer is particularly important if several people use it, increasing the likelihood of multiple disease-causing organisms. Whether you want to clean your laptop or to disinfect it, never use a spray and don't use wipes that contain bleach or harsh disinfectants.


What to Do

Apple's website states that Lysol Wipes are safe for disinfecting and cleaning MacBooks. Before using the wipe, unplug your computer from the wall or from your power strip and remove the batteries from your laptop and peripherals, if necessary. CNET supports using Lysol Wipes, as does NASA's Information Technology & Communication Division. To clean or disinfect your laptop, first use the Lysol Wipe to wipe the area, then use a damp microfiber cloth over the area and then dry with a dry microfiber cloth.


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What Not to Do

Do not use wipes that have bleach, do not use disinfectant sprays and do not use a wipe that is very damp. Dry only with a microfiber cloth and never use paper towels or towels made of rough material.