Cheapest Way to Get Cable and Internet

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Cable TV and high-speed Internet access allows quick access to the web and hundreds of channels of digital cable content. These two services can become expensive for the average consumer, especially if you buy them separately. If you know where to look, however, they can be very affordable.

Cable and DSL

Cable TV and phone companies often bundle their cable, phone and Internet packages together to save you money. If you use a home phone line, consider combining DSL with your package to save you money. If you only have cable TV, combination packages are also available.


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Finding Deals

Take advantage of deals when shopping for cable and Internet service. For example, a promotional package from your cable company may offer digital cable and high speed Internet for $50, but the price may go up after a year. If you call the cable company close to the end of your promotional period, it may well extend the promotion for you to keep you as a customer. You'll have to be firm and threaten to move to a competitor, but this method can work very well to keep your bills down and save you money.


Other Options

A solid but slow alternative to high-speed Internet is dial-up. Although it is much slower, it is cheap and allows you access to the same web and email. If you don't go online much, consider this option. Also, many local coffeehouses and shops offer free wireless Internet. If you live near one of these places or have a laptop, it makes fiscal sense to use it once in awhile to check email and do light browsing. Always get permission from the place of business before you use its Internet, unless it's clear that it's free and open to the public.




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