How to Copy Favorites to a Thumb Drive

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A thumb drive plugs into any USB port.
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Internet Explorer stores the sites you have bookmarked in a list called Favorites. By default, when you export your favorites, IE saves them to a file in your Documents folder. You can instead copy your favorites file to a thumb drive, also called a flash drive.


Step 1

Plug your thumb drive into an available USB port. Windows assigns a drive letter to the drive.

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Step 2

Open Internet Explorer on the desktop.

Step 3

Select the "Favorites" button.


Step 4

Choose "Import and Export" from the drop-down menu that opens.

Step 5

Select "Export to a File" in the Import/Export Settings box, then "Next."

Step 6

Choose "Favorites," then select "Next."



Step 7

Pick which favorites you want to export, then select "Next."

Step 8

Choose "Browse." Navigate to the drive letter assigned to your thumb drive. The drive letter may be E: or F: depending on the amount of storage devices in your computer system.


Step 9

Select "Save," then "Next."

Step 10

Choose "Finish."

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