How to Copy & Paste Photos on a Mac

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iPhoto is the photography software that comes preinstalled on all modern Mac computers. With iPhoto you can upload, organize and share your photos with other people. If you want to copy a photo from iPhoto and paste it in another program on your Mac, that is possible too. If you want to copy and paste photos on a Mac is just as simple as coping and pasting text. Plus, the method of copying and pasting on Mac has not changed at all since Mac OS 7, making it very simple to learn.


Step 1

Open the iPhoto or the other photo program on your Mac, which contains a photo you want to copy and paste. Double click on the program to open it.

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Step 2

Select the photo you want to copy by clicking on it once. If you want to copy more than one photo drag the cursor over all the photos you want to copy and highlight them all.


Step 3

Press "Command C" or go in the Edit menu and select "Copy."

Step 4

Open the program in which you want to paste the files. Open a new file in that program by pressing "Command N" or go to the File menu and select "New." Photos can be pasted in any text or graphic document that can support them, such as TextEdit, MS Word or Adobe Photoshop.


Step 5

Press "Command V" or go to the Edit menu and select "Paste" to paste the photos.

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