How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to Word & Excel

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Create desktop shortcuts for programs you use frequently.

Microsoft Word and Excel are two programs that some people use very frequently. If you use any certain program on a Windows computer frequently, it can be easier to create a desktop shortcut for yourself for fast access to that program. Also, if you ever want to remove the shortcut, you can send it to the Recycle Bin without having to worry about deleting the whole program. Shortcuts are just icons that direct you to the main program. Add shortcuts of Word and Excel to your desktop so you don't have to rummage through other programs and lists to open them.


Step 1

Open the "Start" menu on your computer at the bottom of the screen.

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Step 2

Click "Computer" or "My Computer," depending on the version of Windows you are running.


Step 3

Double-click your "C" drive and select "Program Data."

Step 4

Double-click "Microsoft."

Step 5

Double-click "Windows."


Step 6

Double-click "Start Menu," and then "Programs."


Step 7

Locate Excel and Word in this folder.

Step 8

Right-click Excel.


Step 9

Select "Create Shortcut" from the menu that appears.

Step 10

Select "Yes" when a pop-up appears telling you that you cannot create a shortcut in that folder and asks you if you want to put the shortcut on the desktop.

Step 11

Follow the same process for Word.

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