Definition of Communication Devices

Communication devices are the machines that assist in transmission of data. The versatility of a computer gets enhanced considerably when it can communicate with other devices and computers. For a two-way communication, a computer must be equipped with a modulator for outgoing data and a demodulator for the incoming data. This modulating device is referred to as a modem. There are various kinds of communication devices in the present day market.

Definition of a Communication Device

The idea of a communication device is very broad, since various objects are used to communicate. Hence, in a broader sense, a communication device is any device that can be used to convey any kind of message from one person to another. From the early days, communication devices have come a long way.

Augmentative Communication Devices

Augmentative communication devices are defined as the devices that give a voice to people, who otherwise do not have one. This kind of communication device enables the individuals to express their needs and wants, thereby eliminating the need to rely on others for assistance. These kind of augmentative communication devices are also referred to as assistive communication devices. By constant practice and training, many individuals can successfully voice their needs and opinions.

Long Distance Communication Devices

Long distance communication devices are the devices that are connected by an elaborate network. The communication devices have an in-built LAN that enables long distance communication. The long distance phone calls are possible through the digitally modulated analog carrier signals.

VOIP Based Communication Devices

The voice over internet protocol provides the advantage of eliminating the cost involved in moving the data across the internet. The VOIP technology streams telephone conversations back and forth over the internet without any potential loss of sound quality or any increase in the time lag. As a matter of fact, the communications through the VOIP based devices are clearer when compared to the conventional phone technology. The benefit of using the VOIP based communication devices is that a user can make local and long distance calls for free. Even the international calls can be made at a much discounted rate when compared to the normal phone lines.

Satellite Phone Communication Devices

Satellite phone is an important communication device for many professionals and businesses. Even in the remotest places of earth, where there is no mobile network coverage, a satellite phone functions efficiently. For individuals working in dangerous and secluded environments, these types of communication devices are a boon. Satellite phones use the same technology used in a mobile phone and simply locate low orbit satellites that rotate in the space. Once a link to the satellite is established, it redirects the signal to a communication station on the earth.