Definition of Internet Chat

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Internet chatting involves real-time instant text messaging between two or more users in chat rooms. They are many different types of Internet chats all with different purposes. Internet chatting has its advantages and disadvantages; therefore it is important to understand them so that you do not fall victim to predators who would seek to harm you.



Internet chat rooms allow you to communicate with different kinds of people from all over the world. They allow you to meet different kinds of people who share similar interests, goals, hobbies and desires. Internet chats can also be a great learning center ( e.g. chatting forums) where people can ask questions and receive answers on products and services, computer troubleshooting and more.


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Singles chat rooms are probably the most common chats on the internet. They managed and run by dating websites. Video/Webcam chats are also common forms of chatting because they allow you to view your contact as you chat. While video chatting is the most interactive form of chatting, they are also the most dangerous. Other Internet chats include business chat rooms which allow speedy exchange of trade stock tips and business related information. Christian chat rooms are other popular chats which users turn to for fellowship and good conversation.



Internet chats not only allow you to send and receive instant messages, they also allow you to share pictures, and files. Some Internet chat rooms include emoticons which are smiley faces used to describe what your present emotion is. Some Internet chats include sound effects which range from serious to silly and allow you to. Other chat rooms allow you to change color combinations to create a theme or background that works for you as you are chatting.



Do not provide strangers with personal information when using Internet chat rooms. In this day and age when identity theft and fraud are of great concerns, it is important to protect personal information at all costs. If you have children who use chat rooms, monitor the conversations and the people they communicates with. There are many Internet predators, pedophiles and sex offenders who send explicit information and pictures to underage children. Always read the rules and regulations before using chat rooms.



Because an Internet chat website claims that their chat rooms are secure does not mean that people cannot be exploited. While many Internet chat websites may have a set of governing rules, rules can still be broken. Because a chat room is labeled "Children's chat room" does not mean everyone on is a child. Any online predator can create a screen name and log into a children's chat room; therefore it is important to still monitor chat rooms and conversations.




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