DIY Fiber Optic Light

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Fiber optic cables.

Fiber optic lights are a zany and fashionable addition to any home decor. Years ago these lights were expensive and difficult to find, yet in the past couple of decades certain creative individuals have discovered how to make their own fiber optic lights for a fraction of the price. All it takes is a few supplies available at hardware stores and from Internet retailers. The process is not difficult but it's important to pay attention to all instructions in order to get the most aesthetically pleasing and functional design.


Step 1

Cut about 80 strands of optical fibers to the same length. The length isn't important but they have to be equal. Optical fibers are often tough to find for purchase on their own. Your best bet is to check out eBay or another online auction site for sellers who are listing spools of the fibers for sale.

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Step 2

Bunch the fibers in your hand and hold them over a skillet with the the bottom ends resting on the skillet's surface. Make sure that your stove top is turned up to a medium to high heat. Hold the fibers in place until the bottom ends have melted together and you no longer have to hold them in place to keep them from falling apart.


Step 3

Apply glue to the underside of the melted end of your fibers once the plastic dries from the heat treatment. Immediately set the glued end on the very center of your 4-by-4 acrylic pedestal block. Allow to dry completely and don't remove your hand until you're sure the fibers will stay in place.

Step 4

Place a light source beneath the acrylic pedestal. What type of light you use is a matter of preference but be sure the light isn't resting directly on the floor as this is a fire hazard. A small lamp with a shade that the block can rest on makes a perfect, fireproofed "stand" for your fiber optic creation.

Things You'll Need

  • 1.5mm spool of plastic optical fibers

  • Skillet (any size)

  • Stove top

  • Superglue

  • 4-by-4 square acrylic pedestal

  • Lighting source (e.g. bulb or lamp)