How Do I Change Internet Explorer Search Bar to Google?

An estimated 3 billion searches are conducted through Google every day across the world. If you're a frequent Google searcher, heading to the Google home page every time you've got a query can turn into a time-consuming hassle. Luckily, the Internet Explorer Web browser makes it easy to change the default search engine used in the browser's toolbar. Now, Google will never be too far from your fingertips.

Keep Google in your search bar so that powerful search is never far away.

Step 1

Select "Tools" then "Internet Options" from the Internet Explorer top toolbar. This window gives you access to a variety of general, security, and privacy options for your Web browsing.

Step 2

Click the "Settings" button under the "Search" heading of the "General" tab.

Step 3

Select "Find More Providers..." from the pop-up window and you'll be redirected to a Microsoft page that lists all available search providers you can add to the Internet Explorer search bar.

Step 4

Click Google from this list to add it to your list of search providers. Now, follow steps 1 to 3 to return to the "Find More Providers..." window. Highlight Google and click "Set Default" to make Google your automatic search option.


You can use the arrow beside the magnifying glass of your search bar to quickly switch between search providers you have set as default in the past.