How Do I Login to My Arris TM502G Modem?

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The Arris TM502G modem allows you to connect to the Internet via a DSL connection. Although you can usually plug the modem into your computer and begin surfing the Web, you can log into the device and change a variety of the settings, including the password and if you are connecting any wireless Internet routers to the modem. This process is completed without any special programming needed.


Step 1

Power on the Arris TM502G modem and your computer.

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Step 2

Look on the bottom of the modem. An http link is provided. It should look something like "http://192...."

Step 3

Open the web browser on your computer and type the http address into the URL bar. Press "Enter" and the modem information and features appear on the page.



Step 4

Adjust any setting you want. If you are asked for a default name and password, it is "admin" for both. After you have finished changing your settings, click "Save" at the bottom of the page to keep the changes.



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