Email Setup for FairPoint Communications

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When you subscribe to FairPoint Communications Internet service you are also provided a courtesy email address. You are allowed to create up to eight more email addresses (nine total) at no extra charge. Once your email addresses are created, set them up on your computer for easy access. You can use any mail program of your choice to set up your email, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.


Create Additional Email Addresses

To create additional email addresses, visit the FairPoint website. Click the "My Account" link at the top of the page. Enter your assigned FairPoint username and password into the designated fields. Click "Go." Select the link labeled "Manage Email Accounts." Select the option to "Add Additional Email Account." You can then specify the email address and password you would like to use for the new account.


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Set Up Outlook

Open the Outlook program on your computer. Click "File" from the top menu bar. Select "Info" and "Account Settings." Click the "Email" tab. Select "New" and "Email Account." Click "Next." Select the option to manually configure your mail settings. Complete the setup wizard. While completing the wizard, you must enter your "" email address along with your assigned password. When prompted for incoming mail server settings, type "" For the outgoing mail server, enter "" Place a checkmark beside the SMTP setting labeled "My Server Requires Authentication." Click "Finish" when the email setup wizard is complete.


Set Up Windows Live Mail

Open the Windows Live Mail program on your computer. Select "Tools" from the top menu bar. Select "Accounts." Click the "Add" button. Select "Email Account" and "Next." Complete the email setup wizard by entering your "" email address and password. For the "Mail Server Incoming," enter "" For the "SMTP Server Outgoing," enter "" Select the option labeled "My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication" Click "Finish" when the wizard indicates "Your New Account Settings Are Complete.


Set Up Thunderbird

Open the Thunderbird Mail program on your computer. Click "Tools" from the top menu bar. Select "Account Settings." Click the "Account Actions" button located underneath the left side panel. Select "Add Mail Account." Enter your "" email address and password into the designated fields. Click "Continue." For the "Incoming" field, enter "" For the "Outgoing" field, enter" Click "Create Account" to complete the account setup process.


FairPoint WebMail

If you don't have a third-party email program installed on your computer or don't want to use a third-party program, use FairPoint WebMail 6.0. This online mail program is offered, as a courtesy, to all FairPoint mail users. No setup is required. Simply visit the FairPoint WebMail site at Enter your FairPoint email address in the "Username" field. Enter your email password in the "Password" field. Click "Log In."