Error 1067: The SQL Server Process Terminated Unexpectedly

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Any application that relies on SQL database processing, such as website content management systems or complex spreadsheets, needs SQL server software to function correctly. You may see an "Error 1067" message if the SQL server program stops working or crashes.

Error Message

Error 1067 messages typically contain additional information, such as "Could not start the program services on local computer" or "The process terminated unexpectedly." Unfortunately, the error message does not usually provide detailed information about what caused the problem or how to fix the issue. Attempting to restart the SQL server and launch the program again may solve the problem or might just lead to the same error again.


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Crash Causes

The SQL server might terminate unexpectedly for several reasons, including incorrect program configuration and system memory problems. Improper license information, missing program files, corrupt user data and severe disk fragmentation may also cause the program to terminate.


Log Files

While the error message associated with Error 1067 doesn't provide much information, detailed SQL software logs should help you troubleshoot the program. The exact name and location of the log file varies from one program to another, but many save log files as TXT or INI files in the main installation directory. Opening the log file with a text editor allows you to see exactly what caused the crash so that you can change program settings or make other corrections as needed.



Reinstall Software

If adjusting program settings doesn't solve the problem, try reinstalling the software. Uninstall and reinstall the program used to access the SQL server, but always back up user data and databases beforehand. Delete any program folders that remain after you've uninstalled the program to prevent installation problems and reinstall the software with a full installation. Launch the program to confirm that it works correctly and then restore the user data and databases you previously backed up.




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