How to Find the Log Files on a Mac Computer

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Accessing the log files on your Mac computer is a simple, yet potentially confusing experience that requires a specific set of rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to do it correctly. Log files keep track of all the tasks that your computer completes while in use. While finding these files may sound like a difficult task, it is actually quite simple with the proper instructions.


Step 1

Click on the "Finder" shortcut on the task bar at the bottom of your screen. Select the "Applications" tab from the left-hand side of the screen.

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Step 2

Scroll down the screen and locate the "Utilities" tab in the center of the window. Click on that tab to access the next menu. On the next menu, scroll down and select "Console" from the available options.


Step 3

Launch the "Console" application and a list of your log files will appear on the screen. The log files will tell you the exact time and date of a particular action and what the source of the action was. If you do not see a list of your log files upon opening the program, click on the "Show Log List" option in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Scroll down the screen and locate the log file that you are searching for.





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