Great Reflective Gear for Night Running

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Lots of people who like to run get so busy with work or school all day that they can't squeeze in a few miles until after dinner. Night running is especially pleasant during warmer months, because temperatures drop to more comfortable levels as the evening progresses. But for safety's sake, if you're running at night, you need to ensure that you're visible to oncoming cars. Here's some great reflective gear that will help you stand out from head to toe—even on the darkest night.


1. Reflective Headphones

Let's start at the top. If you're like many runners, you like listening to your favorite tunes through headphones while on the road. JBL's Reflect Mini BT adds to its after-hours appeal by including a reflective strip for night running.

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These lightweight, sweat-proof in-ear Bluetooth headphones come bundled with multiple ear-tip accessories, improving your chances of obtaining a secure and comfortable fit. You also get a three-button inline mic for tracks and call handling. Listed at $100, the Reflect Mini BT 'phones produce good sound quality, with pleasing bass and clean highs.


2. Million Mile Light

Reflective gear responds to light, including the glare of headlights. But you can also carry your own light with you. Retailing for about $20, FlipBelt's Million Mile Light is a battery-free LED that delivers up to 200 meters (approximately 656 feet) of visibility. Drivers can see your path of light before they're right on top of you, and the light also helps give you a better view of what's in the road ahead of you.

Your motion as you run provides all the power that this light needs. According to the company, the Million Mile Light releases a burst of renewable energy with every step you take. The 1.5-ounce device comes in a water-resistant casing.


3. Reflective Belt

When you're on—or in—the road, extra reflectiveness is always good. Unlike many other reflective belts, the sweat-resistant FlipBelt Reflective PT Belt aims for comfort as well as visibility. It's constructed from stretch-friendly, ultra-reflective 3M materials along with high-quality, moisture-wicking micropoly fabric.

The belt uses a large-pocket tubular design that lets you carry phones, keys, cash, and more without having to use a backpack or a running armband. You can clip the Million Mile Light to the belt (or to your clothing), too. List-priced at $33, FlipBelt's reflective belt meets standard military PT belt requirements.


4. Reflective Shoes

Running shoes can be reflective, too. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Flash iD men's running shoe is a case in point. This running shoe for men combines a reflective exterior and weather-resistant upper with high-quality cushioning and lightweight support. Priced at $185, it is available in various solid-color schemes as well as in geometric and animal prints.

This shoe is part of a large lineup of reflective running gear from Nike for men, women, and kids. Other products in the same family include reflective vests, jackets, and arm sleeves.


Photo credits: FlipBelt, JBL, Nike.