How Can I Print to the Edge of a Page in Microsoft Publisher?

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Microsoft Publisher lets you print a graphic to the edge of a page.

Microsoft Publisher, a design package that includes templates and a clip art library, lets you create and print a variety of documents including calendars, newsletters and even business cards. The program also lets you convert any publication into a website. Microsoft Publisher even lets you print graphical elements to the edge of the page, known as assigning a bleed. But this feature works with your computer's printer driver and not all printers support to the edge printing.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Publisher.

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Step 2

Click "File," "Open." Navigate to the publication you want to print. Double click on the file's name to open the publication.

Step 3

Click on each graphical or colored element you want to print to the edge of the page to select the element.


Step 4

Drag the corner of the element to extend its size beyond the edge of the page. Adjust the elements on the page to keep them in proportion, if needed.

Step 5

Click "File," "Print." Click on the "Properties" button. Click on "Advanced Print Settings."



Step 6

Select "Print full resolution graphics" under the heading "Graphics." Select "Use only publication fonts" under the heading "Fonts."

Step 7

Click on "Allow Bleeds" under the heading "Bleeds" or "Borderless" under the "Borders" heading.

Click "OK" to print your publication.

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