How Can I Put Music on My PowerPoint Presentation?

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Enhance your presentation with music.

Enliven your PowerPoint presentation with a soundtrack or music. Microsoft's presentation tool includes the ability to insert tracks in a slide or a series of slides from a music CD or digital file. When inserting music into a PowerPoint slide, you create an interactive or animated link to the music from the presentation. Integrating music with visuals personalizes a presentation and enhances the delivery of the slide show for the audience. PowerPoint tools enable presenters to create a dynamic, multimedia experience.


Step 1

Open PowerPoint and use "File," and then "Open" to open your presentation.

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Step 2

Navigate to the desired slide, and then click "Audio" from the Insert tab in the Media group.

Step 3

Select "Audio from File" to insert music from a file on one of your drives. Navigate to the folder with the file, and then double-click it add the music to the slide. Select "Clip Art Audio," and then navigate to the Clip Art task pane. Click the audio to add it to the slide.


Step 4

Set how you'd like the music to play by clicking the audio icon on the slide to which you've added the music. The choices reside in the Audio Tools options, which are in the group Audio Selections on the Playback tab. Select "Automatically" to have the music play when you show the slide. Select "On Click" to retain manual control of the music. You need to click on the audio icon to start the sound when you reach this slide in your presentation. Enable a continuous loop while the slide displays by checking the box for "Loop until Stopped." To enable the music to play as you move through your slides, select "Play across slides."


Step 5

Hide the audio icon if you want the music to play continuously and don't want the icon to distract your audience. Check the box to "Hide During Show," which resides on the Playback tab, under Audio Tools, in the Audio Options group.