How Can I Put My Micro SD Card in a Different Phone?

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Don't lose the photos you've taken when you switch phones.

Many of today's cell phones have the option to expand storage space and memory by using a micro SD card. A micro SD is one of the smallest memory card formats available and is comparable to the size of a fingernail. Micro SD cards are available in a range of capacities and some can hold thousands of songs, pictures or videos. Many people who switch phones want to keep this type of media, and can often do so quickly and easily just by moving the micro SD card into the new phone.


Step 1

Remove the micro SD card from your old device. Locate the memory card slot, which is typically beneath the phone's battery door or under a labeled, hinged compartment on the side housing of the phone. If the card is in a spring loaded slot, simply push lightly on the edge to remove it. If it is housed in a metal compartment, slide it out gently.


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Step 2

Locate the memory card slot on your new phone, and ensure there is not already a micro SD card in the slot. If there is, remove it as described in step one.

Step 3

Insert your micro SD card into the memory card slot of your new phone. Exactly how it is inserted varies slightly by phone make and model. The SD card slot is designed to accept the card only when it is inserted in the correct direction, however, so do not force the card into your phone.



Step 4

Wait for your phone to automatically recognize the card. Provided the media that is on the card is an acceptable file type, you will now be able to utilize it on your new device.



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