How Can I Split a Direct TV Signal for Two Receivers?

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Splitting a DIRECTV signal for two receivers

In order to use two separate receivers independently in your home off a DIRECTV satellite dish, you will need to use a multi-switch splitter and a dual LNB dish to get two separate signals to the two separate receivers. The DIRECTV receiver is designed to take in the signal from the dish and process the information for you television. This includes the menu, channel guide, picture and sound.


Step 1

Take the cable that is coming from the DIRECTV satellite that would go to the back of the receiver and connect it to the splitter where it is marked input or from satellite. Twist the end of the cable clockwise until it is secured to the splitter.

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Step 2

Twist one of the coaxial cables that will run to one of the receivers on to one of the connections on the splitter marked "Output" or "To TV."


Step 3

Twist the second cable that will go to the second receiver on to another open connection on the splitter marked "Output or "To TV."


Step 4

Connect the other end of one of the cables coming from the output on the splitter to the first receiver where it it is marked "From Satellite."

Step 5

Twist the other cable coming from the output on the splitter on to the second receiver where it is marked "From Satellite."




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