How Do I Connect a Wireless Router to a Motorola SB5101 SURFboard Cable Modem?

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A cable modem can link your home with the Internet, but the modem itself doesn't get the job done. It's necessary to pass the data coming through the modem to a computer. This process can be accomplished one of two ways--either by connecting a computer directly to the modem or by connecting a wireless router to the modem and accessing the Internet through a home wireless network. The physical steps involved in setting up a modem to router connection are simple. Motorola's SB5101 SURFboard cable modem is capable of 30 Mbps performance when connected to compatible networks.


Step 1

Plug an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack of a wireless router. The Ethernet jack looks and operates like a phone line jack; it's just a bit bigger. There is a single Ethernet input jack on the modem, labeled "Input."


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Step 2

Grasp the other end of the Ethernet cable. Plug it into the Ethernet jack on the back panel of the Motorola modem.


Step 3

Plug the power adapter of the router into a wall socket or power strip. Follow standard router instructions to set up the wireless network.