How Do I Connect My Cell Phone to My Speakers?

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Some cell phones allow you to store hundreds of music files.

Connecting your cell phone to speakers at home can allow you to play music stored on your device, or even increase the volume of the conversation you are having. Hooking up your cellular device to your speakers is a very simple process, and you don't even need any extra equipment.


Step 1

Turn the volume on your phone down to halfway so you do not blow out your speakers when you hook them up to the phone.

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Step 2

Locate the speakers' input cable. With most speakers, one is connected to the other, and the second one has an input cable that looks similar to a headphone cable.


Step 3

Turn the speaker volume all the way down. Plug the input speaker cable into your cell phone's headset jack.


Step 4

Play the music file or continue your conversation while you slowly turn the speaker volume up until it is at the desired volume.



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