How Do I Get My Toshiba to Boot From a USB?

By Mikhail Polenin

Since flash memory became available in the form of USB storage devices, laptops and PCs have begun to be produced with the availability to boot from USB peripherals. To begin booting from USB, you must first establish it in your boot order from your Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), which you can reach from the POST screen (the first screen you see when starting your computer).

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet connection (optional)

Step 1

Turn on your laptop and look at the first screen that comes up as soon as it is on. This screen will tell you "Press x key to enter setup", replacing "x" with the actual BIOS access key. It's usually "Del" or "F2" on Toshiba systems.

Step 2

Press the key firmly and quickly before the screen goes away. If you do not react quickly enough, you will miss the window of opportunity to enter the BIOS. On Toshiba systems, this window of opportunity is somewhere between two to five seconds.

Step 3

Navigate your BIOS configuration screen to the "Boot" tab. It is usually just before "Exit."

Step 4

As the first boot device, select "USB," or "USB HDD." If you have a "USB ZIP" option, you might be able to boot from it, so select that if you have no other choice.

Step 5

Press the button for "Save and Exit" in your BIOS. The correct button is usually F10.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure that "USB HDD" or "USB ZIP" is only selected once in the boot sequence, and that you put this before your hard drive. Conflicts might occur if you do not select only one USB device for the sequence. Putting USB to boot after the hard drive will just have your operating system boot normally from your hard drive, since you are configuring it to boot afterwards by doing this.
  • Keep your BIOS firmware updated so it always supports the latest features the manufacturer will allow for your BIOS. Check resources for Toshiba's support page, where you can download the latest firmware updates. Simply go to "Download" and select the appropriate model of your laptop.