How Do I Get Past the Blue Screen to Fix My Dell?

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When you sit down to your Dell computer and find the infamous blue screen, also known as the blue screen of death, your only thought is likely to be how to get your system up and running again. There are many causes for the blue screen but luckily there are only a few ways to fix the problem.


Step 1

Read the screen. It may tell you what the problem is in plain language. It will certainly give you the option to restart the computer from the last known good configuration. Try that first. You will need to use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to move the highlight bar to that option. Then press the "enter" key on your keyboard. If the computer starts normally, your problem is solved.


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Step 2

If that doesn't work and you find yourself back to where you started, choose another option. The second choice should be to "Start Windows in Safe Mode." Using the arrows buttons, move the highlight bar to that option, press the "Enter" key and see if that works. If it works, once you are booted into safe mode, try and reboot the system normally. You will either boot normally or be back at the blue screen. If you have the blue screen, boot back into safe mode. Insert your Windows Operating system installation disc into your optical drive and choose "Repair" to allow the computer to repair the corrupted operating system.



Step 3

Go for full restore. In the event neither of the other methods work, turn off the computer and press the "F10" key during bootup. This will take you into the Windows recovery program. you can choose a partial recovery first. If this works then you may have access to some of your files and programs. If it doesn't work, press the "F10" key during bootup and choose a full recovery. You will lose all user data on the computer and this process will restore your system to its original factory settings.




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