How Do I Get the Favorites Icon Back on My Internet Explorer?

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The Favorites icon in Internet Explorer is used to quickly bookmark a website. This adds the site to a list of saved websites. In Internet Explorer 8, a second Favorites icon also exists, which allows you to view and manage your list of favorite sites. In previous versions, you can view your favorites through the Favorites menu. If you accidentally delete the icon, you can quickly restore it in a few steps.


Viewing Toolbars

View the available toolbars. Missing icons are often caused by a missing toolbar. Toolbars can be added or removed through the "View" menu in Internet Explorer. Open an Internet Explorer window. You don't need an active Internet connection in order to proceed. Internet Explorer windows can be opened through an icon your desktop or through the "Start" menu.


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Select "View" at the top of the screen. Select "Toolbars" to view all available toolbars. Toolbars with a check beside them are currently visible.

Restoring Favorites Toolbar

Ensure a check exists by "Favorites." If not, select "Favorites." This will restore both the Favorites icon and any other icons associated with the Favorites toolbar, such as viewing favorites and adding new favorites.



If adding the Favorites toolbar doesn't restore the icon, reset your toolbars. The icon may have been deleted when customized a toolbar. Access customized settings in one of two ways. First, go to "View" and select "Toolbars." Choose "Customize."


If "Customize" isn't available in your version of Internet Explorer, right click in any empty section of the menu and toolbar area. This will be the light gray area of the window. Don't right click the title bar at the very top of the screen. Select "Customize" and choose "Add or Remove Commands." Press "Reset." Press "OK" to exit the "Customize" window.


If you have customized toolbars, write down or take a screenshot of your customized toolbar. Once you press "Reset," you'll lose your customized settings. Take a screenshot by pressing "Prt Sc" or "Print Screen" on your keyboard with the Internet Explorer window open. Open any image editor and copy the image into the image editor.