How do I Hook Up DaVinci Da-6.1 Pro Series Speakers?

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Hooking up your DiVinci speakers requires lots of speaker wire such as this.

DiVinciSound (often mistakenly called DaVinciSound) has been producing high-quality surround sound speakers for several decades. According to the company's website, by 1995 DiVinci speakers produced well over half of the new speakers manufactured and sold in Great Britain. Establishing the perfect sound experience with your DiVinci speakers requires careful consideration of the space in which your speakers will be set up. Hooking up your DiVinci Da-6.1 Pro Series Speakers is easily accomplished with a little patience.


Step 1

Attach the speaker wires to the back of each speaker. For Divinci speakers, the wires are copper with an opaque plastic covering. At the end of each side of the wire, the wire splits into a positive and negative wire hookup. The positive hookup is marked red and the negative hookup is marked black. On the back of each speaker and the subwoofer, there is one positive and one negative copper edged hookup clamp. To attach the speaker wires, depress the appropriate hookup clamp and insert the appropriate copper wiring into the space revealed. Release the clamp to pinch the wire into the speaker.


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Step 2

Position your speakers around the space in which they will be used. DiVinci recommends placing the large, dual-drum subwoofer in a central location, close to the sound receiver or on the opposite side of the room. You should also place the horizontal center speaker directly above or below the sound receiver. You should then position the four satellite speakers in the corners of the room.


Step 3

Run the speaker wires back to your sound receiver along the edges of the room.

Step 4

Connect the speaker wires to the appropriate plugs on the back of the sound receiver. The subwoofer connection point should be labeled "Sub" or "SW," depending on the brand of receiver you purchased. Similarly the satellite speakers will be labeled "L" or "R" or "1" or "2," depending on the brand. The center speaker's hookup could be labeled "C" for center, or it could be listed as a fifth satellite speaker option, or it might not exist, depending on the brand.

Things You'll Need

  • Sound receiver

  • DiVinci speakers and speaker wire


Hide your wires by running them behind baseboards or even through your walls and back to the centralized location. Though this will force you to stick with your setup for some time, it will save you from the potential hassle of tripping over the wires.


Purchase a sound receiver that is sure to support both the 6.1 set-up in your DiVinci speakers, as well as the wattage that the speakers require.