How Do I Increase the Font Size in Email?

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Email font size is easily controlled while composing messages, but the messages you receive have been sized by the sender. Some contacts may be perfectly comfortable writing in size 8, but such text can be a strain on the eyes, even with good reading glasses. The printed hard copies of email messages with small text are even more difficult to read. There are a few ways to quickly change font size for ease of reading and better quality print-outs.


Step 1

Open an email message with particularly small text. Increase the email font size of the text using step 2, 3 or 4.

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Step 2

Click on the "View" selection from the menu bar. Roll the mouse pointer over the "Zoom" choice. Click on one of the choices that is greater than 100 percent. Click "View" and cover "Zoom" to make a larger choice if the first choice does not increase the text size sufficiently.


Step 3

Click the "View" option on the menu bar. Roll the cursor over the "Text Size" selection. Choose one of the options that will increase the text size. For instance, if the current size marked with the dot is "Medium," then click "Larger" or "Largest" to make the print appear bigger.



Step 4

Use a mouse with a wheel to increase the email font size. Press and hold the "Ctrl" key while rolling the wheel on the mouse. The text will shrink as you roll in one direction, and grow bigger as you roll in the other.

Step 5

Change font size before printing. Click the "File" option on the menu bar. Click "Print Preview." Click the "Size" drop down which may display "100%," or "Shrink to fit." Select a choice greater than 100 percent to increase text size. Click the "Print" button to view the results on a hard copy.



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