How Do I Install Fonts in OpenOffice?

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Choose the right font for your design with the Windows font preview window; excessive installed fonts slow down OpenOffice startup.
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When you open an OpenOffice program, it scans your computer for fonts installed in Windows, so you must install additional fonts through Windows Control Panel to access them from OpenOffice. After installing a font, it's accessible from OpenOffice as well as most other software, including desktop publishing and graphics-editing programs. Windows supports TrueType, OpenType and PostScript Type 1 font formats.


Use the Font Preview Window

The Windows font preview window shows your font applied to upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, punctuation marks and a few sentences in various sizes; open it by double-clicking a font file in File Explorer. The quickest way to install a single font is to click "Install" in the font preview window, but installing several fonts is quicker through Control Panel. After installing fonts through the preview window or Control Panel, you must restart OpenOffice to reload the computer's installed fonts.


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Use Control Panel

Control Panel offers a drag-and-drop method for installing fonts and displays a small thumbnail preview of each installed font file. It's quicker to drag several files to the Fonts window in Control Panel than to open each one in a preview window, but Control Panel doesn't support dragging folders to the Fonts window -- only TTF, OTF, PFB and PFM files. To install fonts this way, open Control Panel, click "Appearance and Personalization" and choose "Fonts," then left-click and drag font files from File Explorer to the Fonts window in Control Panel.