How Do I Remove Thumbnails From Google Chrome's Most Visited?

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Chrome's Most Visited thumbnails allow you to quickly access the sites you visit most.
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The Most Visited area on Chrome's New Tab page displays thumbnails for the top eight sites you visit the most at any given time instead of your top preferred most visited sites. Although Chrome doesn't allow you to save sites to this area like bookmarks, you can temporarily make it display brand new sites or other stored ones by clearing the browser history or manually removing the thumbnails from view.


Remove the Thumbnails

Chrome automatically removes the thumbnails when you clear the browser history, but the number removed depends on how far back you go. Click the "Menu" button marked with three horizontal lines, select "History" and then click "Clear Browsing Data." Select "The Beginning of Time" on the drop-down menu to remove all of the thumbnails, or choose the past hour, day, week or four weeks to remove only a few, select "Browsing History" and click "Clear Browsing Data." For manual removal, roll your cursor over a thumbnail in the Most Visited area, click the "X" that appears and then repeat as desired.


Restore the Thumbnails

Chrome doesn't allow you to restore thumbnails you removed by clearing the history. On the other hand, you receive a 10-second opportunity to change your mind and restore one or all of the most recent manually removed ones. To restore the last removed thumbnail, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Undo." To restore more than one, click "Restore All." If you don't restore the last one fast enough, you must remove another thumbnail to access the restoration options, click "Restore All" and start over.