How Do I Track Changes in PowerPoint?

By David Weedmark

Using Microsoft OneDrive, it's easy to share your PowerPoint presentation with friends and coworkers for review. Track changes, review comments and compare their revisions with the original file all using Revision options in PowerPoint 2013. The author's name accompanies each comment and revision so you can easily tell who changed what.

Preparing Your Presentation for Review

Step 1

Open your PowerPoint presentation. When it's ready to be reviewed, click the "File" tab so you can save a reviewable copy.

Step 2

Select "Save As" and choose a location for the copy. Save the copy in your OneDrive Documents folder so you can quickly share it with others. This is a lot more convenient than attaching the presentation to an email, especially if it's a large file. Remember to change the name of the copy so you don't confuse with the original file.

Step 3

Open the copy you just made in PowerPoint, click the "File" menu and select "Share." Select "Invite People" if you saved the copy in OneDrive, then simply type the names of your reviews in the top text field. You can also select the "Get Link" option if you want to share the link through a messenger service or using an email account that isn't linked to your Microsoft Office account. Tell your reviewers to click the "Review" tab to add comments or make changes to the document and then to save the file.

Tracking and Reviewing Changes

Step 1

Open your original PowerPoint presentation. Click the "Review" tab and select "Compare." In the navigation window that opens, select the copy your friends or coworkers reviewed, then click the "Merge" button. The suggested changes are applied to your original file for your review. The Reviewing Pane opens automatically, and the first change appears on the screen.

Step 2

Click the check box beside each change that you want to accept on the first slide. Alternatively, you can click the "Accept" icon in the Review ribbon. You can select each change individually or accept all changes to the slide. Once you accept a change on the slide, the Accept icon in the ribbon is grayed out. If you change your mind, click the "Reject" button or clear the check boxes beside each change.

Step 3

Click the "Next" icon in the Reviewing ribbon to see the next change in the presentation. If you don't accept a change, it will be disregarded when you finalize the review process.

Step 4

Click the "Show Comments" icon in the Review ribbon. All comments for the current slide appear on the right side of the window. Click the "X" beside a comment to delete it. To edit or reply to a comment, click the comment.

Step 5

Click the "Next" icon in the Review ribbon and continue accepting the changes you want to keep. When you get to the last revision, a dialog box opens to inform you that you've reached the end. You can choose to go back to the beginning by selecting "Continue." To finish the changes, select "Cancel."

Step 6

Click the "End Review" icon under the Review tab. A dialog box opens informing you that all unaccepted revisions will be deleted. Click "Yes."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you open the review copy of your presentation and then select to merge your original version into it, the accept or reject process is reversed. Accepting a change means disregarding a suggested revision, while rejecting a change deletes what was in the original.