How to Copy the PowerPoint Background to Another Presentation

By Steve McDonnell

The background for a presentaiton is stored in a presentation's slide master To copy the background between presentations, copy and paste the slide master.

A PowerPoint presentation's slide master contains the information about the presentation theme and slide layouts, including the background image, colors, fonts, effects and placeholders. To copy the background from one PowerPoint presentation to another, copy the slide master and paste it into the new presentation.


A presentation can have more than one slide master. This enables you to apply the background to all slides or a selected group of slides.

Step 1

Open the source presentation with the background you want to copy. Create a new presentation or open the presentation to which you want to copy the background. Switch to the source presentation and choose View from the menu and Slide Master from the ribbon bar to view the slide master with the background image you want to copy.

Step 2

Copy Slide Master

Right-click the slide master and choose Copy.

Step 3

Switch Presentation Windows

Select View and then Switch Windows. Select the destination presentation to switch to that document.

Step 4

View Slide Master

Choose View from the menu and Slide Master from the ribbon bar.

Step 5

Paste Master Slide

Right-click the slide master and choose Paste. Select Close Master View to return to Normal editing mode in PowerPoint.


If you are pasting the background to an existing presentation, you have two paste options. Choose the option with the letter A on the clipboard to keep only the text of the current presentation. Choose the option with the paint brush on the clipboard to maintain the presentation's theme colors, fonts and effects.

Master Slide Paste Options