How to Find Metadata in Word Documents

By C. Taylor

Metadata potentially reveals more information that authors originally intended, so before sending document, look for and remove sensitive metadata.

Microsoft Word 2013 automatically adds metadata, such as the document's creators and the time the document was composed or edited, to documents. You can choose to manually add metadata to a document, including titles, tags and comments. To discover what metadata is attached to a document, go to the Info tab or inspect the document to view or remove this data.

View Metadata

Step 1

Click the File tab to open Info and Document Inspection options.

Step 2

Expand the list of metadata.

Click the Info tab and choose Show All Properties to expand the current list of data.

Step 3

The complete list of metadata information appears on the right.

Locate the metadata entries on the right.


  • Many metadata entries can be edited by clicking or right-clicking the entry. However, some entries cannot be removed unless you choose to remove all metadata information.
  • In the Info pane, Click Properties to reveal a drop-down menu and select Advanced Properties to open a dialog box containing this metadata and additional statistics.

Remove Metadata

Step 1

Open the document inspector.

Click Check for Issues in the Info tab and choose Inspect Document.

Step 2

Acknowledge the warning.

Choose Yes from the warning dialog.


Inspecting the document could result in the removal of unrecoverable metadata, so save a copy of your document before proceeding.

Step 3

Select Document Properties and Personal Information.

Check Document Properties and Personal Information in the list of options and click Inspect.

Step 4

Remove all metadata.

Click Remove All to delete all metadata.


The inspector only lists certain metadata as an example in the results, but it will remove more than what it lists. It describes Document Properties and Personal Information as "Document properties" and "Author," but title, tags, comments and status are also removed when you select Remove All..